WR Immigration and Corporate Social Responsibility

Diversity, equity, inclusion & accessibility


 At WR Immigration, our commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging is a driving force behind our collective “journey forward” and the realization of our company’s mission. As we journey forward, we leverage innovation and excellence to establish and maintain an inclusive environment that empowers all employees and clients. Our goal is to enable individuals to reach their full potential and create the life of their dreams, wherever in the world that may be. 

We believe it is our corporate responsibility to foster an inclusive and respectful workplace that combines innovation, excellence, compassion, and empathy. By upholding respect for individuals and the law, WR Immigration continues to lead in immigration law and serve as a model for diversity, equity, and inclusion. 


As we journey forward, we strive to:

  1. Promote innovation and excellence to surpass the expectations of our teammates, clients, and relationship partners.
  1. Attract and retain exceptional team members by expanding the diversity of our talent pool.
  1. Promote and maintain work-life balance for team members.
  1. Enhance the workplace with a diverse and inclusive environment, founded on shared prosperity, integrity, trust and kindness. 
  1. Prioritize equal opportunity and cultivate a culture of respect in the workplace. 
  1. Engage in fundraisers supporting organizations committed to racial and social justice. 
  1. Host firm-wide learning experiences that foster dialogue about bias, gender expression, and respect in the workplace. 
  1. Provide training and support for women and minorities in the legal profession. 
  1. Recognize and appreciate the unique perspectives and experiences each teammate contributes to advance our mission and advocate for our clients. 
  1. Leverage our distinctive role as immigration advocates to amplify diverse voices and facilitate positive change through trust and inclusive collaboration.

Creating a better world through our firm, our community, and our work

To be at our best, we built a firm that is diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible for everyone at WR Immigration. Our work in the immigration arena provides us an opportunity to help people from all nations. As leaders, we know our role goes beyond our crucial work. We have built a firm that prioritizes opportunity for all.

Firm leadership

We believe that diverse leadership is critical to our firm’s success and have an exemplary record of promoting women and minorities. Our mentorship model ensures that attorneys of all backgrounds are supported, encouraged, and recognized for their unique strengths.

Inclusion by the numbers:

  • Women partners: 42%
  • Women in leadership: 46%
  • Minority partners: 35%
  • Minorities in leadership: 40%
  • Both women & minorities (partners): 50%
  • Both women & minorities (leadership): 53%

Diversity, equity, inclusion & accessibility committee

Our DEIA programs celebrate differences, build inclusivity, and lend support to our employees and communities. Core initiatives include:

  • Building equal opportunity and a culture of respect in the workplace through trainings, education, and fair employment practices;
  • Fundraising to support organizations committed to racial and social justice;
  • Hosting firm-wide learning experiences that create dialogue about bias, gender expression, and respect in the workplace;
  • Providing training and support to women and minorities in the legal profession through our involvement with the American Bar
    Association’s Women in Tech Summit, the Cambridge Commission on Immigrant Rights and Citizenship, the Filipino, Japanese, Korean, and Asian American Bar Associations, and more.

Learning & education

We strive to ensure a positive working environment by promoting a diverse, equitable, inclusive and collaborative workplace. We are committed to our role in the legal profession by educating, promoting, and maintaining a respectful and inclusive culture. We dedicate resources through talent development, management trainings, and a collegial, open forum.

Our DE&I proactivity is embedded in our culture, giving us the tools and environment to attract and recruit talent and advance the skills of our team within the legal community.

WR Immigration Cares about Accessibility

This website follows or exceeds ADA website-related suggestions, in hopes that all are able to access it.

WR Immigration gives back

We care about our role in the communities we serve

The firm has a strong history of pro bono work. In 2016, we launched WR Immigration Gives Back to extend service opportunities to everyone, including our legal support and professional staff. Enjoy reading the posts below about our initiatives!

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