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WRapid is Wolfsdorf Rosenthal’s cutting-edge Immigration Management System, created to revolutionize visa processing for our clients’ immigration needs. WRapid is a centralized, cloud-based portal that increases case processing efficiencies and delivers real-time case status, customized reports, and the latest immigration guidelines directly to our clients. It also features numerous client-focused tools – such as digital questionnaires and online payment options to facilitate a streamlined approach to case management. 

WRapid’s intuitive and user-friendly interface seamlessly navigates users through the immigration process.

  • Progress indicators clearly guide users through electronic questionnaires;
  • The secure document upload feature delivers documents directly to WR’s legal professionals;
  • The case summary tool keeps all informed about the case status, visa expiration dates and documents receipt of government notices;
  • The intelligent user interface design effortlessly transfers information from one case to the next to expedite the immigration process;
  • Corporate reports allow human resources professionals to view active cases at a glance.



Superior data protection for confidential information and documents


Centralized, cloud-based portal improves efficiencies and time savings

Speed & Accuracy

Centralized, cloud-based portal improves efficiencies and time savings


Easily monitor case progress

Who should use WRapid?

WRapid is designed for our corporate, educational/research institutes, and individual clients, as well as human resources professionals, in-house counsel, and foreign nationals.


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