The Award-Winning, Next Generation Immigration Management Software

Recognized by the National Law Journal with its “Trailblazer in Legal Technology 2023”.

WRapid™ is the leading cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning solutions software for business immigration.

Powered by Salesforce and driven by Al, WRapid™ empowers human resources professionals with robust analytics, reporting, budgeting, forecasting capabilities and case processing.

How does WRapid™ work?

WRapidTM allows you to work efficiently to manage your entire global mobility program. With customized user profiles for HR, employees, recruiters, and managers, your entire team can access cases, review timely updates, and securely find the right information when and where needed.

View case details and progress

Securely access and share documents

Robust reports with data visualization

Manage labor condition applications (LCA)

Request candidate assessments

What are the advantages of WRapid™?

Powerful data analytics

WRapid™’s reports provide the data you need for critical decisions and strategy. Comprehensive and visual analytics provide an overview of your entire immigration program including cases, compliance, and billing.

Artificial intelligence

WRosie, WRapid™’s artificial intelligence-based bot, reads government notices, emails, and immigration documents. Records are updated in real time with WRosie, improving data quality and saving time.


Connect your HR systems with WRapid™ to seamlessly share information. Integration saves you countless hours and ensures data accuracy. WRapid™ integrates with HR systems such as Workday, Oracle, and ADP.


WRapid™ leverages industry-leading data protection through Salesforce, creating a secure, collaborative environment to exchange confidential information and documents.


With streamlined data collection, document generation, and automation, WRapid™ facilitates efficient, high-volume, and cost-effective case processing.


Stakeholders can easily monitor the progress of cases in real time through WRapid™ without emails or phone calls.

Save time with WRapid™’s data sharing and automation tools.

Ease the load of repetitive tasks and the most daunting aspects of immigration management through WRapid.