A Single-Source Solution for Global Immigration

Global immigration services in more than 100 countries

Our model of centralized control with local service, integrated via our WRapid™ global technology platform, facilitates seamless delivery of exceptional, client-focused immigration services no matter where in the world you need help. At WR Immigration we partner with you to put in place systems and processes to simplify management of your company’s global immigration program.

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Your worldwide immigration data at your fingertips

We offer a single source to help you manage your global immigration program and ensure that you and your employees are in compliance with immigration laws on a worldwide basis. We do not simply process cases as they appear – rather, with the use of our WRapid™ immigration management platform, we partner with you to ensure you have systems in place to reduce to streamline case management and consolidate critical immigration data worldwide. With WR you always have access to the data you need to know where in the world your employees are and what immigration status they hold.


Global technology for global mobility

Business travel and cross-border work has become a critical part of a mobile and dynamic workforce. Companies must have convenient tools for monitoring an employee’s immigration data wherever in the world they may be. Our global clients benefit from the most advanced technology in business immigration, learn more and request a demo here: WRapid™.

Strategic guidance

We always start with a detailed initial assessment of the proposed travel, assignment or new hire candidate in order to craft the right immigration strategy, taking into account the businesses needs and the employees qualifications. We advise on the complete timeline, cost and documentation needed for the entire immigration process, helping you to create a detailed, practical immigration plan and avoid surprises later.

Employee experience

We understand that your employees’ experience with their immigration cases is critical to the success of your immigration program. At WR we believe in a combination of personal service from our team and cutting edge technology to provide employees with 24/7 access to the information they need to feel secure about their immigration status.

Services we provide:

Business Visas

Do your employees travel internationally for business meetings or other short-term activities? Do you know whether they need visas to do so?

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Business Visas

Do your employees travel internationally for business meetings or other short-term activities? Do you know whether they need visas to do so? US citizens require visas to travel to China, India, Russia, and Vietnam, amongst other destinations, and citizens of other countries require visas for many more jurisdictions. We help to make the often confusing and bureaucratic process of obtaining business visas easy for you and your employee by walking you through each step in the process, and can often eliminate the need for the employee to have to go to the consulate themselves. Unlike travel agents and visa agencies, as a law firm we can also minimize risk to the employer by ensuring that the employee is obtaining the correct visa type for the activities they will engage in while traveling.

Work Visas and Residence Permits

Are you assigning employees to work in a foreign country either on a temporary or long-term basis? Or planning to hire foreign nationals?

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Work Visas and Residence Permits

Are you assigning employees to work in a foreign country either on a temporary or long-term basis? Or planning to hire foreign nationals? These employees may need work visas, work permits and/or residence permits before they can begin work or even travel to the destination country. It can take many weeks or even months to obtain the necessary visas and permits.

Advance planning is crucial in order to ensure the assignment or new hire goes smoothly and is not delayed by immigration requirements and bureaucratic red tape. We can pre-assess candidates to ensure that they qualify for the necessary visas and permits. And once eligibility is confirmed, we walk the company and the employee through each step of the immigration process, providing detailed process overviews so that everyone knows what to expect from the start.

We offer a simple solution for global immigration matters as we have a US-based legal team capable of handling immigration matters worldwide. We partner with our clients to help them get key talent where they need it when they need it.

Document Procurement, Apostille + Legalization

Immigration processes frequently require companies and their employees to provide a dizzying array of vital records and other personal and corporate documents

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Document Procurement, Apostille + Legalization

Immigration processes frequently require companies and their employees to provide a dizzying array of vital records and other personal and corporate documents, many of which must be authenticated via legalization or apostille before they will be accepted as legally valid by foreign governments. This can include birth certificates, marriage certificates, university diplomas and transcripts, criminal records, corporate certificates of good standing and much more.

We help clients procure these documents, and we can also facilitate apostille or legalization so that they will be recognized and accepted in foreign countries. We can handle local, state and federal level authentications in the United States, as well as authentications in many other countries, and can process matters on an expedited basis. We also assist with correction of vital records, most often for use in the Italian Citizenship process. This includes working with vital records authorities to document and correct inaccuracies that often exist in documents that are 50+ years old.

Note that the correction process can be very difficult and slow, and sometimes involves bringing a lawsuit against vital records agencies that are unwilling to make necessary corrections.

Immigration Compliance

Over the past ten years countries around the world have increased both the complexity of their immigration rules and their focus on compliance and enforcement mechanisms.

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Immigration Compliance

Over the past ten years countries around the world have increased both the complexity of their immigration rules and their focus on compliance and enforcement mechanisms. Coupled with a rise in the use of portals and other technology systems, companies are increasingly finding that there is very little room for error when it comes to immigration compliance. Where companies once were able to gamble with immigration compliance by hoping that they would not be the target of an (uncommon) immigration site inspection, countries are now increasingly automating compliance checks such that detection of non-compliance is becoming the norm rather than the exception. 

In this environment, having a centralized, reliable system in place to do the following is now essential:

  • Check newly hired employees' right to work.
  • Confirm that existing employees have the necessary visas and permits before they leave for the airport or job site.
  • Calendar visa and permit expiry dates.

Without such systems it is very difficult to ensure that the company is compliant with immigration rules. We partner with our clients to help them implement and streamline immigration compliance systems and procedures so that they no longer have to worry about fines or business disruptions that can result from coming out on the wrong side of the immigration rules.

Immigration Strategy

Are you opening an office or acquiring an entity in a foreign country? Or perhaps you need to increase staffing due to a particular project or client demand and are considering hiring foreign nationals?

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Immigration Strategy

Are you opening an office or acquiring an entity in a foreign country? Or perhaps you need to increase staffing due to a particular project or client demand and are considering hiring foreign nationals to meet the need? In any of these scenarios, having a simple, effective immigration strategy is key to avoid either delays in on-boarding employees or accidental unauthorized employment. Key considerations include:

  • ​Opening a new office – We work closely with the corporate team charged with incorporating the legal entity, as in most countries it is crucial that a legal entity be fully established (often with a physical office and local staff) before foreign employees may be brought in. Where this is not possible, we can explore a variety of alternatives, including sole representative and investor options.
  • Acquiring an entity in a foreign country – We work closely with the legal and business teams charged with carrying out the acquisition to ensure that the company being acquired has the proper visas and permits for key staff, as well as to identify and mitigate any negative impact a change in ownership may have on existing visas and permits.
  • Increase in staffing – Many countries limit the number or percentage of employees that can be foreign nationals, while others require companies to apply for advance permission for quotas or slots before being able to file individual visa applications. Some countries also require companies to comply with very specific labor market testing requirements (including posting adverts on certain websites for a specified number of days) to demonstrate that they have first attempted to recruit qualified local workers before offering the position to a foreign national. It is crucial that any such requirements are followed exactly or the immigration process may need to be restarted, delaying a new employee’s start date by weeks or even months.

Naveen and her team were incredibly professional and a true pleasure to work with. They helped me get my green card under pretty challenging circumstances. It's hard to find good immigration lawyers and I am very grateful for them. Thank you!

Julius Steffen, Bionest

Fantastic experience! Very professional and much more reasonable than any other law firms offering the same services.
From the day first I got the confident comment from Attorney Joseph (Joey) that I will get my work done within 3 months and it got done in less than 2 months. A big thank you from me and my family!

I am very happy and recommend Joey from Wolfsdorf Rosenthal LLP.

Thank you WR team for your all support and professional assistance.

Asif Chhipa

An absolute blessing to have found not just the right firm, but hands down, the best firm and team of experts....

From my H-1B visa through to permanent residence, Avi and his team walked with and guided my family and I through the immigration process without missing a step. Avi and his team at Wolfsdorf Rosenthal explained each step of the process to us beforehand and it played out just as they explained. They fought the fight for us and left us assured so we could focus on taking care of daily life. We cannot recommend them enough. We couldn't do it it without them.

Thank you again to Avi, Bernie and the Wolfsdorf Rosenthal 'army'. You are the best!

The Visagie Family

WR immigration was so helpful and professional with my Permanent Residency application... A big thank you especially to the WR Team for their assistance, kindness, and patience throughout the different phases of the process. But the whole team was great. Their service is highly recommended!

Anna Boncompagni, UC Irvine

A massive "Thank You" to Wolfsdorf Rosenthal LLP for supporting my L1 visa application. Very professional yet approachable service that I could rely on during any time of the process!


When our 31-year-old son's fiancé was recently stricken with a near lethal bacterial infection in Ensenada, Mexico we were terrified. As she's Chinese and her U.S. visa had expired, they were stuck in Mexico in a scary and potentially deadly circumstance. At the recommendation of our corporate lawyers, we reached out to Bernie Wolfsdorf, who, with his exceptional colleagues Avi Friedman and Anastasia Tsareva instantaneously went to work building the case for why she needed a special humanitarian visa. Over the past weeks, they have worked tirelessly to make a miracle. The visa was just granted and we'll have our son and his fiancé home for Thanksgiving. This is a truly extraordinary law firm and they truly know what they're doing with regard to the ins and outs of immigration law. Our family will be forever grateful.

Ken Dychtwald PhD, CEO of Age Wave

Over the last 14 years in the USA, I have worked with more than 5 immigration law firms. In my experience, Wolfsdorf Rosenthal LLP has been the most responsive and technologically advanced. They have helped me with successful H1B, H4, and H4-EAD filing.

Saurabh Gupta, NICE

The WR team from New York were very helpful in resolving my issues, ranging from handling H1B RFE to successfully filing I-140/H4/EAD petitions. They were very methodical in their approach, understood the case history and kept me informed in all stages of the case execution. They also had a very short turn-around time in answering any of the random questions I had. I would totally recommend WR and their team for anybody that needs their immigration issues taken care of.

Anand Srinivasan, NICE

I have received great support during a concurrent NIW and AOS application from WR Immigration. Bernie & his team were absolutely wonderful! They helped me obtaining a permanent resident (Greencard) in less then 7 months since I applied as newly-wed.

They walked me through the process and supported my case. Can’t be happier of their care, consideration and incredible success! Thank you with all my heart!!

Yi Wei

I have received great support during a concurrent NIW and AOS application from WR. Despite the pandemic, I received prompt responses and assistance from the administrative team, very personal support and guidance from the legal team, and felt that my final application (over 300 pages long, with different attachments etc.) was as strong as was feasible. I thought that pricing was competitive and I received much more than a cut-and-paste support that other law firms may offer. Case was recently approved after a little over 12 months since the initial submission. Highly recommend.

Jakub Hlavka

Joseph Barnett "Joey" is a rare find; he came highly recommended by one of the top immigration lawyers. Joey went above and beyond to get our EAD adjudicated and responded exceptionally quickly to our questions and concerns; I appreciate the tech-savviness!!

In short, we couldn't have found a better match, this may sound cliché, but I genuinely wish there was a better word than a "Thank you." 

Briha Ansari

The WR team was fantastic to deal with, always friendly and quick to respond. The process of extending my visa was made painless and easy!

Alice I’Anson, Dow Jones

Glad that I came to know about Joseph and reached out to him. Joseph filed my H4 EAD litigation in a week and I received my EAD Card within 2 weeks. He is very responsive over email and phone calls. I strongly recommend Joseph Barnett  as an immigration attorney. He is professional, knowledgable and really cares about his clients.


American Dream Fund retained WR Immigration to assist with the filing of its I-924 Application for Regional Center Designation for one of its projects. The work was done quickly and expertly, and when the matter was unduly delayed by USCIS we retained the firm to file a Writ of Mandamus Federal District Court Action. I can recommend this law firm without hesitation.

George W. Ekins, American Dream Fund, LLC

WR Immigration are the Rockstars of Immigration Law. Vivian and her team were reliable, available and precise. Their communication and follow up was fast, concise and thorough. We were always treated as though our case was a priority and we were treated like VIP's. We are so grateful for their hard work and we would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing immigration assistance of any kind.

C & E Sayers

My family and I are so incredibly grateful for all the work done by WR Immigration. They worked endlessly on helping with my labor certification and adjustment of status to obtain my green card for my husband and I. As a client you can tell that they really care about you. They always worked professionally and had time to answer all of my questions. Special thanks to Naveen Rahman Bhora and her team for their incredible work and attention to detail.

Yolanda, HarperCollins

I came to the U.S. in 1994. My family and I obtained our green cards and U.S. citizenship with the help of your firm. Over the past 26 years, I have referred at least 30 individuals to your firm for their legal status. No cases failed. Success rate is 100%. Special thanks to WR Immigration!

Hardy (Songlin) Shao, Drillcraft Tools Corporation

I've worked with a number of legal teams through my immigration journey, but none have been as diligent, knowledgeable, and above all – caring – as the team at WR Immigration.  I would be remiss in not calling out both David Fullmer and Yonie Kim, who's excellent communication, attention to detail, and support helped me and my family feel safe and secure through a long and oftentimes stressful process.

Christian MacLean, Auctane

It has always been a pleasure working with the WR Immigration team. All of our immigration cases are handled promptly and effectively. They have a seamless way of explaining all aspects of cases so that everyone involved understands what is needed from all parties.

Zalima Oliver, Human Resources Director at Madison Park Development Corporation

There’s a lot more involved in managing immigration for our employees than I originally understood. WR Immigration makes it easy for us to access our data, tap into their expertise, and strategize together about our goals in different areas of the business.


Our WR Immigration attorneys were with us every step of the way, from the initial filing through calling for updates, through prepping us for interviews, through the interview itself and for any questions and concerns in the middle. I don’t know how we would have gone through this process without this team.

Shinjini S.

Avi Friedman is a great immigration lawyer. I have been his client since 2008 and have used his help in filing successful petitions for J1, O1, H1 and EB2 applications. He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He is honest and clear about which approaches would or would not work. I recommend him to any one without reservations.

Dr. Siddiqui

I chose WR Immigration for my EB-5 visa because they have a strong track record of representing EB-5 clients and getting them their green card. I was impressed how thorough my attorney was with my application. From answering my early morning emails to giving me a few minutes when I would show up unannounced, the WR team been very professional and patient with me.

Ishaan Khanna

I highly recommend Allison. She helped me during the last 8 years in my US adventure as an expat from Belgium. I finally got my green card, thanks to her! I will never forget Alli's smile! She rocks!

Sophie Radermecker

Top-notch service! WR Immigration did an excellent job with my visa petition, twice! Their team were professional, knowledgeable, straight-forward and attentive in all the steps of the preparation and filing process. I would highly recommend the WR team to anybody filing for a model visa.

Cherie D.

Cliff and the WR team did a great job in helping me get from H-1B to a green card. Full process took under 2 years. Highly recommend using this team!

Josh Bloch

If I could rate WR Immigration 10 stars, I definitely would! Humble, professional, quick and easy to communicate for foreigners, affordable (yes, that too), but what is more important, willing to do the best they can with YOUR interest in mind and without up-selling.

M. Ali

The WR Immigration team in New York — especially Naveen Bhora and the New York team — were instrumental in making my green card application process smooth and seamless. They guided me through every step of the process and were always there to answer any questions that came up during the process. I don't think I would have gotten my green card in such a timely fashion (9 months from filing) without their careful guidance.


I was introduced to WR Immigration by one of their previous EB5 applicants. After speaking with a lot of EB5 attorneys’, I finally decided to go with this firm. My EB-5 case was a long application and the attorneys’ at WR Immigration worked tirelessly to get everything in before the EB5 price increase. Highly impressed by their professionalism and subject matter expertise.

Karn Rattn

Besides being amazing at what they do on the immigration side, they are kind and patient. I can tell that they genuinely care about the employees as people and helping them. They aren't just a client. My employees (and me) really appreciate the level of care and availability that the team provides.

Corporate Client

I am so glad that my company choose WR Immigration as the lawyer for my H1B application this year. They are well-trained, knowledgeable, professional and very responsive. I had a bad experience with my previous lawyer who I couldn’t get a hold of, but that is NOT the case with WR. I were able to contact directly with my representative lawyer, expressed my concern or asked the questions. The team will respond within 15 minutes!


I have been working with WR Immigration and am extremely impressed with their Immigration Management System WRapid which is powered by Salesforce. This state-of-the art system reduces HR time by at least half and provides 100% transparency to foreign nationals and to HR. Highly recommend!!

Pearl Change, HR Generalist

As the HR Manager of a Fortune 500 company with business activity on four continents, we need our talent to work and move across borders with confidence. WR Immigration’s technology and case handling ensure that our global mobility stays seamless and secure. The firm’s legal expertise is second to none, and its WRapid platform built on Salesforce stands alone as a stunningly high powered and easy-to-use.

Human Resources Director, Fortune 500 Company

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