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Built on a Salesforce platform, WRapid™  and WRapid™  Global is an Enterprise Resource Planning software for business immigration.

It is now the leader in the field of Immigration Management Systems.  

The National Law Journal recently recognized WRapid™ with its 2023 “Trailblazer in Legal Technology” award.  

The software empowers human resource professionals with its robust analytics, reporting, budgeting, forecasting and case processing efficiencies.  

WRapid™ features automation and advanced bots WRosie and WRay that provide a critical advantage.

For example, WRay mimics an immigration legal expert by evaluating immigration risk for pre-hires. The systems capabilities are limitless. 

Interested in learning more? Click Here. 

Immigration news

Congress Introduces Sweeping Immigration Reform Bill ‘DIGNIDAD Act’ to Address Systematic Challenges

On May 23, members of Congress introduced what has sadly become an increasingly rare bit of legislation; a comprehensive immigration reform bill aimed at addressing large-scale systematic problems with large-scale systematic action. The “DIGNIDAD (Dignity) Act” represents one of the most sweeping attempts to modify the immigration system that has been proposed in years. Like […]


Chatting with Charlie Webinar Series

Former U.S. Department of State (DOS) Chief of Immigrant Visa Control Charlie Oppenheim has joined WR Immigration as Director of Visa Consulting. Charlie will take lead on a multi-webinar series titled “Chatting with Charlie.” Chatting with Charlie will focus on projections, predictions and guidance for strategic visa planning that will be invaluable to Human Resource […]


Chatting with Charlie Webinar: May EB-5 Investor Visa Outlook

In this month’s Chatting with Charlie “April EB-5 Investor Visa Outlook,” WR Immigration Director of Visa Consulting Charlie Oppenheim and Partner Joey Barnett give an update on the investor visa program. Our team covers a range of topics including a review of 2022 visa report, the June Visa Bulletin, and more!


11 WR Immigration Attorneys Recognized by Who’s Who Legal (WWL) 2023

WR Immigration’s Who’s Who Legal performance index rankings showcase our expertise in immigration law. WR Immigration Attorneys’ Who’s Who Legal Rankings WR Immigration is honored to announce that 11 attorneys have been recognized in the 2023 Who’s Who Legal (WWL) performance index, a significant achievement. The following attorneys received this distinction:  In commenting on the […]


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