Foreign Labor Certification Updates

May 16, 2022 | Human Resources Services

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The Department of Labor’s Office of Foreign Labor Certification (OFLC) announced updates to public disclosure data and selected program statistics; the H-2B Foreign Labor Recruiter List; and tips and assistance for stakeholders filing applications for prevailing wage determinations. Below are highlights.

Public disclosure data and selected program statistics for Q2 of fiscal year (FY) 2022. The OFLC released a comprehensive set of public disclosure data through the second quarter of FY 2022. The OFLC drew the data from employer applications requesting prevailing wage determinations and labor certifications for the PERM, Labor Condition Application (LCA) (H-1B, H-1B1, E-3), H-2A, H-2B, CW-1, and Prevailing Wage programs. The files include all final determinations OFLC issued for these programs during the October 1, 2021, through March 31, 2022, reporting period of FY 2022. OFLC also released selected program statistics for Q2 of FY 2022 for the same programs.

H-2B Foreign Labor Recruiter List for Q2 of FY 2022. The OFLC published an updated list of foreign labor recruiters for the H-2B program. The list contains the name and location of persons or entities identified on Appendix C of the Form ETA-9142B that were hired by, or working for, the recruiter that employers have indicated they engaged, or planned to engage, in the recruitment of prospective H-2B workers to perform the work described on their H-2B application. The H-2B Foreign Labor Recruiter List includes only those names and locations associated with H-2B applications that were processed or issued a final decision during the October 1, 2021 through March 31, 2022. (Foreign Labor Recruiter List); (FAQs)

Tips and assistance for stakeholders filing applications for prevailing wage determinations. The OFLC hosted a webinar on April 19, 2022, providing tips and assistance for stakeholders on the process of filing Form ETA-9141, Application for Prevailing Wage Determination, for the PERM and LCA programs. The recording and presentation materials are linked via the Prevailing Wage Information and Resources page (scroll down to Webinars).


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