TURKEY: Updated Minimum Salary Requirements

February 13, 2020

The Republic of Turkey has released updated minimum salary requirements for 2020. As of January 1, 2020, the amounts are:

  • Gross minimum monthly wage: 2.943,00 Turkish Lira

  • Net minimum monthly wage: 2.324,70 Turkish Lira

* 1 TL = 0.17 $USD (approx. January 2020)

Aside from this minimum salary requirement, immigration law requires that the salary paid must be commensurate with the position considered. Specifically:

  • High-level managers and pilots cannot be paid less than 6.5 times the minimum wage (or 19.129,50 TRY gross/mo);

  • Department managers and engineers/architects cannot be paid less than 4 times the minimum wage (or 11,772,00 TRY gross/mo);

  • Positions requiring expertise (note: undefined) and teachers cannot be paid less than 3 times the minimum wage (or 8.829,00 TRY gross/mo);

  • Tourism Industry employees such as acrobats/similar and masseurs/spa therapists cannot be paid less than 2 times the minimum wage (or 5.886,00 TRY gross/mo);

  • All others (e.g., sales officer, low-level marketing officer) cannot be paid less than 1.5 times the minimum wage (or 4.414,50 TRY gross/mo); and

  • Household workers cannot be paid less than the minimum wage.

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