COLOMBIA: Update on Entry Permit Reform

Apr 30, 2020 | Global

Several updates have been announced with respect to reform of entry permits, including a new special permit for Venezuelans.

Reform of Entry Permits

As of December 1, 2019, Resolution 3167 of 2019 issued by Migración Colombia is effective. This resolution establishes new guidelines for the entry, stay, and departure from the national territory of nationals and foreigners. The new resolution reorganizes the entry and stay permits (PIP) in three categories, which will allow foreigners of unrestricted nationalities to enter the country not intending to establish a domicile or profit, for short periods. The length of stay of PIPs will vary according to each category.


New Special Permit for Venezuelans
The Colombian government has continued simplifying the immigration regulations for Venezuelan nationals so they can continue to enter and regularize their immigration status in the country. Among the measures established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the possibility of their entering, transiting, and leaving the national territory, even if the Venezuelan passport has expired.


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