Canada Launches New Measures to Support Hong Kong Residents to Come to Canada!

Nov 12, 2020 | Global

Due to the current political climate in Hong Kong, new temporary and permanent immigration pathways, as well as fast-track processes, are being implemented for Hong Kong residents.

New policies include expedition of processing for work and study permits, open work permits specific to youth (18-35 years of age, preferably with a post-secondary education) up to 3 years in duration, new paths to Canadian permanent residency (to be introduced in 2021), waiving application processing fees for Hong Kong residents already in Canada and wishing to extend their stay, resuming International Experience Canada applications for youth (previously paused due to COVID-19), and increased promotion and processing of Hong Kong family sponsorships.

In addition, asylum claims are available to all Hong Kong citizens at risk of governmental persecution.

Keep in mind that COVID-19 safety measures and restrictions are still paramount, and will affect all individuals seeking entry into Canada.

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