PHILIPPINES: All ACR I-Card Holding Foreign Nationals to Report to Immigration by February 29, 2020

Dec 22, 2019 | Global

Employers should ensure that foreign national employees or assignees in the Philippines fulfill the annual reporting requirement by February 29, 2020  (unless exempt from holding the ACR I-Card).

Who Needs To Report?

All foreign nationals holding, or in the process of obtaining, Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) I-Cards are required to report annually to the immigration office, in person. Some examples are:

  • 9(g) pre-arranged employees;
  • 9(d) Treaty traders;
  • Special Work Permit holders;
  • 13(A) Permanent residence immigrant visa holders.

Foreign nationals in the Philippines in an ACR I-Card exempt category are not required to report. Some examples are:

  • 47(a)2 visa holders;
  • Retirees;
  • Special non-immigrant and Article 60, EO 226 visas under Regional Headquarters or Regional Operating Headquarters
  • children aged below 14 years and adults aged 65 or over
  • mentally or physically incapacitated persons

Pregnant women and those confined to hospital may request a one-week exemption, in writing, supported by an approved medical certificate.

Where to Report

Foreign nationals who are required to report in person should attend either the main office in Intramuros, Manila, or a regional office in their area of residence, taking with them their ACR I-Card and their valid passport.

For applications filed through an authorized representative, for a foreign national exempted from personal appearance, a special power of attorney (SPA) with the valid government-issued ID of the legal representative is also required, along with an additional fee of PhP 810.

Penalties for Failure to Report

Currently, a delayed report will incur a penalty of PhP 200 per month of delay, but not more than PhP 2000 per year, in addition to the annual report fee . An additional fee of PhP 500 will be charged for submitting a written explanation of belated compliance.


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