WR’s Black History Quiz – Continue the Learning!

Feb 16, 2022 | Community

Black History Month is an invitation to grow our knowledge of Black history, find new role models, and identify parts of the narrative that we’ve missed.  Although it goes without saying that Black history is something we should strive to celebrate all year round, Black History Month is a special occasion to seek out new knowledge and hear some amazing stories.  In fact, there is even a story behind Black History Month being celebrated in February. This month was chosen in honor of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass whose birthdays are in February.

In this vein, WR Immigration created a Black History Quiz this year to challenge our employees, colleagues, and friends to test their knowledge of Black history on a range of topics including accomplishments in literature, politics, music, sports, and more. However, we also look forward to learning from you! Tag @WRImmigration to share your favorite Black novel, biography, or inspiration.

Black History Month is the beginning, not the end, of the celebration.  Check out our corporate responsibility page for DEIA news in immigration or follow our social media pages for new ways to engage.

Want to hear more about the people mentioned above or in the quiz? Here are links to use for continued learning!

Learn More About Frederick Douglass

Learn More About Gwendolyn Brooks

Learn More About President Obama’s 2009 Nobel Peace Prize

Learn More About Colin Powell

Learn More About Louis Armstrong

Read the 13th Amendment of the Constitution

Learn More About Hiram Revels

Learn More About Black Refugees in Nova Scotia

Learn More About Marvin R. Ellison

Learn More About the Black Panther Movement

Learn More About Beyoncé

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