Why Women’s History Matters

Mar 8, 2022 | Community

Women have always played a vital role in building America, yet their accomplishments have too often gone unnoticed.  Learning about the women who history overlooked allows us to deepen our gratitude for the trailblazers who sacrificed so much to contribute to the improvement of our society. It also allows us the space to challenge misconceptions we may hold and fortify our knowledge of the diverse individuals who have shaped our country.  

In honor of Women’s History Month, WR Immigration is inviting our peers, employees, friends, and clients to take a moment to reflect on the incredible contributions that women made not only in the United States but across the globe.  For starters, we are kicking off this month with another interactive learning experience – our Women’s History Quiz – that is part of WR Immigration’s “Continue the Learning” program.  We encourage you to take this 3-minute quiz to test your knowledge of women’s rights as well as the contributions of several influential women in the arts, sciences, business, and politics.

After you take the quiz, check out the additional learning resources we have posted below.

Women’s History Month Quiz – Additional Resources

About women’s history month

About women’s suffrage

About Indra Nooyi

About Shirley Chisholm

About Madeleine Albright

About Hedy Lamarr

About Kathrine Switzer (and her predecessor Bobbi Gibb)

About Carolina Herrera

About Chloe Zhoa

In addition to growing in your knowledge of women’s history, why not lend support to a women’s issue you care about? Here are a few ideas/links to get started:

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