Top 5 Reasons Employers Should Choose WR Immigration

Dec 2, 2021 | Human Resources Services

There’s a lot to accomplish when building a strong global mobility program for your company. Strong global mobility and immigration programs maximize outcomes and ROI; utilize efficient processes; leverage technology; stay compliant; achieve cost-savings; advance diversity and inclusion; and show compassion. That’s no short order, which is why choosing the right immigration counsel is critical.  WR Immigration has the experience and insight to help diverse clients reach big goals.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should choose WR Immigration for your next RFP:

  • Revolutionary Technology

WR Immigration has revolutionized the field with WRapid™, a centralized, cloud-based technology and Enterprise Resource Planning solutions software for business immigration. Powered by Salesforce and driven by AI, WRapid™ empowers human resources professionals with robust analytics, extraordinary reporting, budgeting, forecasting capabilities, and case processing efficiencies. Schedule your WRapid™ demo today!

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Environmental Protection

We are proud to hold these values and ensure our global partners do as well.  Our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) programs celebrate differences, build inclusivity, and lend support to our employees and communities. Learn more about our DE&I initiatives here. Led by Managing Partner, Bernie Wolfsdorf, the firm has committed to live the values of environmental protection, implementing a new Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policy. Read the policy here.

  • Expertise and Results

WR Immigration’s thought leaders are distinguished by their cutting-edge knowledge and leadership: they are scholars, presenters, and leaders at top global mobility and immigration forums. WR attorneys also harness their collective strengths and expertise to achieve optimal outcomes for clients. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for access to our industry leading webinar series.

  • Premium Experience

WR Immigration recognizes the multitude of responsibilities and pressures that foreign nationals and Human Resources staff bear when engaged in immigration processes.  It is our priority to make your job easier by providing the services, knowledge resources, technology, and tools necessary to achieve success. Learn more about what our clients have to say about our firm here.

  • Global Reach

Not only is WR Immigration the industry leader in U.S. Immigration, but we also offer global services in more than 100 countries.  Our model of centralized control, local service, and a global technology platform facilitates timely, expert service.  Multinational corporations benefit from a single source service provider, expert counsel on global compliance issues, and state-of-the-art global mobility technology through WRapid™.

In summary, WR Immigration’s practice offers a full range of global and domestic visa services to ensure clients have access to a dynamic global workforce, and the firm continues to lead the industry with its focus on innovation and compassion for all.

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