Human Resources Services

We partner with human resources and global mobility to achieve a wrap-around experience. We help ensure that you, your company, and your employees are compliant with the many rules and regulations that affect immigration; we train you and your staff; we help draft policies and procedures that work for you and keep your company in line with industry trends; and we are always there to answer your questions at no additional cost. If desired, we act as an extension of your global mobility team, handling those matters that you want to outsource.


We work with employers to ensure that their I-9 and immigration-related records are in compliance with federal regulations. We are experienced at conducting self-audits and in representing clients in connection with government audits and enforcement actions. As part of our regular docket management services, we partner with employers to make certain that their workforces remain in compliance.


As part of our comprehensive corporate service, we regularly provide on-site training for issues relating to the immigration function. This training can be targeted to inform human resources, managers, recruiters, and interested employees on important immigration issues. Topics may include;

  • Recruiting and hiring foreign nationals: issue-spotting for recruiters;
  • PERM recruitment;
  • Planning for next year’s H-1B cap: identifying employees needing H-1B visas;
  • Using all NIV options in a global business context;
  • International travel and visa applications at U.S. consulates abroad;
  • Navigating visa issues in a corporate restructuring, merger or acquisition; and
  • I-9 compliance. 

Immigration policies

Creating a corporate immigration policy is one way to ensure consistent and fair administration of a company’s immigration process. Our attorneys can help draft policies and guide you through the many questions surrounding the provision of immigration services, including who is eligible and under what circumstances; what types of positions qualify for sponsorship; how to deal with job changes while sponsorship is pending; and what services the employer will cover. With our assistance, an employer’s immigration policy can not only provide protection and clarity for both employer and employee but can also be a helpful tool for a company to use in retaining valuable employees.

Consultation & advice

Our representation of business and nonprofit clients is founded upon the idea that we are your full-service immigration partner. This complete relationship goes beyond the individual transaction: we are fully available to discuss strategy, ideas, initial assessment of candidates, docket management, policies, regulatory compliance, and training.

We will work with you to develop a business model that includes all of the services you need at a cost-effective level.



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