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ITALY: Travel Opening to Canada, Japan, and U.S. Visitors

Travelers from Canada, Japan, the United States, and list D countries no longer need a specific reason for entering Italy, but they must still meet requirements related to COVID-19 status. Since May 2021, travelers from Canada, Japan, and the United States are no longer required to have a specific reason for entering Italy. This also […]

Residence Permit Validity Extended in Italy

By means of law decree no. 56 of April 30, 2021, the validity of residence permits has been extended to July 31, 2021. Also, quarantine requirements have been updated for nationals of various countries who wish to enter Italy. The law also extends the validity of Nulla Osta (entry clearances for family reasons, work permits) […]

Global Remote Work: An Overview

This blog post provides an overview of remote work issues in Canada, Italy, and Peru. Canada Working Remotely: Is a Work Permit Required? Under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations, “work,” for which a foreign national must obtain a valid work permit, is defined broadly as “an activity for which wages are paid or commission […]

Italy: Residence Permit Updates and Travel Restrictions on UK Citizens Entering Italy

Residence Permit Validity Extended By Law Decree no. 2 of December 14, 2020, the validity of residence permits has been extended to April 30, 2021. The decree also extends the validity of Nulla Osta (police entry clearances for family reasons, work permits) for the same period and the terms for conversion of study permits into […]

Italy: Self-Employment and Immigration: An Overview

The type and number of self-employment (Lavoro Autonomo) authorizations available to non-European Union (EU) nationals in Italy are set by a quota decree (decreto-flussi). Not all self-employment categories are available each year. To qualify, the self-employed person must: Have suitable accommodation in Italy; Have financial resources exceeding the minimum level set by the law for […]

Investor Visas: An Overview

This article provides an overview of investor visas in several countries. Canada There remains only one passive (i.e., not at risk) investor program in Canada, and it is being piloted by the Province of Québec. As a pathway leading to permanent residence in Québec, it requires a net worth of at least CAD $2 million; […]

ITALY: Employer Sponsorship Criteria

A frequently asked question: What are the policies and procedures on employer sponsorship criteria in Italy? To sponsor a work permit application in Italy, a company/entity must: Be registered with the Italian Business Register (Registro Imprese) or equivalent (see Be in good standing (many Immigration Offices require that the latest approved financials do not […]

PHASE 2 ITALY: Less Travel Restrictions & Lower Immigration Investment Thresholds

Italy has lifted some travel restrictions. A new law extends residence permit validity and suspension of administrative procedures. Also, Italy has published a “Phase 2” decree related to COVID-19 rules. The government is drafting a decree to boost investments. Foreigners with serious health conditions can apply for a medical treatment temporary permit. Travel restrictions lifted. […]

ITALY: Updated Travel and Immigration Restrictions Resulting From COVID-19 Outbreak

 Current COVID-19 Epidemiology Statistics – Italy Infected     10,149 Deaths       631 Updates: March 10 –Airlines Ryanair, Wizz Air, and British Airlines, have suspended all domestic and international flights. March 10 – Slovenia is expected to close its border with Italy for non-commercial traffic to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Summary of Italy’s State of Emergency On […]

ITALY: Short-Term High-Skilled Worker Programs

Overview: Italian Immigration law provides for different kinds of work permits for highly skilled workers assigned to work temporarily in Italy. Under these options, workers do not become local employees but maintain an employment relationship with the home country employer. The issuance of these work permits is not subject to the yearly immigration quotas set […]