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Investor Visas: An Overview

This article provides an overview of investor visas in several countries. Canada There remains only one passive (i.e., not at risk) investor program in Canada, and it is being piloted by the Province of Québec. As a pathway leading to permanent residence in Québec, it requires a net worth of at least CAD $2 million; […]

TURKEY: Overview of Employer Sponsorship Criteria

A Turkish work permit cannot be self-sponsored; it must be sponsored by a Turkish legal entity (a joint stock company, joint venture, limited liability company, or liaison office), with the exception of domestic workers, who may be sponsored by the appropriate individual. A Turkish entity that sponsors the work permit application (and acts as the […]

TURKEY: Police Clearance Updates

Turkey In Turkey, police clearances (criminal background checks/records, Adli Sicil Kaydi) are issued by the Public Prosecutor’s Office within the Ministry of Justice. This may be requested by the individual in person at the Prosecutor’s Office and is produced on demand immediately and affixed with a red seal for veracity. A police clearance is also […]

TURKEY: Covid-19 Update

The Interior Ministry issued a press release with the following information. Germany, Spain, France, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Holland—For these countries, in which the coronavirus is spreading, the Interior Ministry shared a Circular with various authorities indicating that: Passenger entries from these countries to Turkey are being stopped through all border gates (Tüm hudut […]

TURKEY: Limitations on Renewals of Touristic Residence Permits

As of 2020, The Migration Directorate (MD) had announced on its website that it would not consider renewals of Touristic Residence Permits (RP) that had been issued for one year. According to reports, there may be possible discretionary actions to limit applicability of this significant restriction. Multiple MD sources said they anticipate an internal communique […]

TURKEY: Updated Minimum Salary Requirements

The Republic of Turkey has released updated minimum salary requirements for 2020. As of January 1, 2020, the amounts are: Gross minimum monthly wage: 2.943,00 Turkish Lira Net minimum monthly wage: 2.324,70 Turkish Lira * 1 TL = 0.17 $USD (approx. January 2020) Aside from this minimum salary requirement, immigration law requires that the salary […]