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Webinar: EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act Updates

WR Immigration Partner Bernie Wolfsdorf and Partner Joey Barnett lead a webinar focusing on providing practical information to EB-5 investors, attorneys and EB-5 regional centers and including an update on: New RC filing procedure Set aside visa projections 2022/2023 Adjustment filing procedures China Direct Retrogression for June 2022?  4,531 total views,  5 views today

Webinar: Navigating the Great Resignation – Tools for HR Leaders

As the world continues to grapple with the fallout of the COVID-19 onslaught, companies are struggling with unprecedented volatility in the workforce, which has been denominated as “The Great Resignation.” Join our panel of subject matter experts in Employment, Immigration, and Rewards as we explore real solutions for recruiting and retaining employees in 2022. An […]

Webinar: New EB-5 Regional Center Program with Special Guest Charlie Oppenheim

WR Immigration Managing Partner Bernie Wolfsdorf and Partner Joey Barnett are joined by special guest Charlie Oppenheim, Former Chief of Visa Control and Reporting Division at U.S. Department of State, to provide analysis and observations on the EB–5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022.  6,776 total views,  2 views today

Webinar: The New EB-5 Regional Program – A Comprehensive Update

In this pre-recorded webinar, WR Immigration’s Managing Partner Bernie Wolfsdorf explains the new EB-5 Regional Program alongside Partner Vivian Zhu who provides a Chinese translation.  5,496 total views,  5 views today

Short Video Series: H-1B Process Videos

For those of you experiencing the cap H-1B process for the first time, here is a basic overview of the H-1B visa category. What do we mean when we say “cap H-1B”? What happens after selection in the H-1B Cap Lottery?  4,908 total views,  3 views today

H-1B Cap Webinar: Critical Registration Process Updates and H1B Cap FAQs from HR Professionals

In this H-1B Cap Webinar, WR Immigration Partners Cliff Rosenthal and Miki Matrician go through the latest updates that USCIS has released on the registration process and answer a few H1B Cap FAQs from HR professionals.  3,799 total views,  1 views today

A Video Guide to Navigating H-1B Cap Season

Part One – What is the H-1B Cap? This is part one of our guide to help in navigating H-1B Cap Season. In it, we answer the question, “What is the H-1B Cap?” Part Two – What is the H-1B Lottery and H-1B Registration? This is part two of our guide to help in navigating […]

Overview of the H-1B Cap Process

WR Immigration’s Guide to the FY 2023 Cap H-1B Process  2,149 total views,  1 views today

Webinar: NEW Immigration Options for STEM Talent and Entrepreneurs

Late last week, the White House released an announcement signaling the expansion of efforts to attract STEM talent. With this – the White House’s new efforts to attract STEM talent, there are some important clarifications that may allow for new immigration options for STEM talent that were not previously available. Here at WR Immigration, we […]

Webinar: H-1B Cap – What to Do if You Aren’t Selected in the H-1B Lottery

WR Immigration Partner Naveen Rahman Bhora and Senior Associate Julie Galvin offer insights on immigration strategies to pursue should you miss selection in the H-1B Lottery.  866 total views,  2 views today

Webinar: H-1B Cap Registration – Everything Employers Need to Know

WR Immigration Partners Cliff Rosenthal and Miki Kawashima Matrician offer insights on everything that employers need to know about H-1B Cap Registration.  811 total views,  1 views today

Webinar: Critical Travel Updates for Foreign Nationals Entering the U.S.

Travel bans are over, but vaccine requirements have replaced them. What do travelers need to know? WR Immigration Partners Bernie Wolfsdorf and Avi Friedman provide all the latest updates and allow plenty of time for Q&A.  745 total views,  1 views today