“My Immigration Story” with Partner Vivian Zhu: Courageous Moves

Mar 29, 2022 | Community

A special WR Immigration post celebrating Women’s History Month.

by Lindsey Hogan

According to WR Partner Vivian Zhu, living your best life means learning to embrace change and challenge.  Vivian’s immigration story involves a series of courageous moves that show this mantra in action.  In a period of less than 10 years, Vivian lived on three different continents, got married, and changed careers. Most recently, Vivian has embarked on the journey of motherhood all while balancing life as a partner and immigration attorney at WR Immigration.

At every juncture, the temptation to be fearful was present, but Vivian chose the path of courage. Her secret weapon is optimism, a trait she learned from her grandmother. Watch Vivian’s immigration story below!

More About Vivian Zhu’s Immigration Story 

Opening doors through study abroad…  

In 2007, Vivian Zhu moved to the United States to attend law school at University of Southern California.  Vivian knew little about Los Angeles before her move but would grow to love the city where movie stars, surfers, and spicy foods abound.  Admittedly, Vivian was nervous to move to a foreign country.  This would be her first time living abroad.  Vivian was encouraged by her grandmother not to be afraid and to enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity.  Her grandmother not only put her faith in Vivian, but also used her lifetime savings to pay for Vivian’s tuition.

More about Vivian’s role model…

Vivian has many role models, but the woman she admires the most is her grandma Wenqi Ye. Although she lived through a time of turmoil in China, Wenqi was always hopeful and saw the bright side of things. She also was a “go-getter” and able to “do anything she wanted,” despite living in a time when the options presented to women were much more limited.  In fact, in her youth, grandma Wenqi once tracked down a charming young police officer who worked as an undercover investigator for a short period of time at the bank she worked at and asked him out. The young officer fell and love with Wenqi. They married and started a family.  Vivian loves hearing stories about her fearless grandmother and has a close relationship with her.

Home is where the heart is… 

Vivian had the fortune of finding her partner in Los Angeles. Her husband Steven is a Canadian national who works in data science. Soon after their wedding, Steven landed a job in the Philippines.  As newlyweds, Vivian decided to quit her job in securities law so that she and Steven could move across the Pacific for this new opportunity.  After his assignment was up, Vivian and her husband moved back to Los Angeles on a L-1/L-2 intracompany transferee and dependent visa. Having traveled extensively with her husband, Vivian learned the lesson that “home is where your heart is!” 

Working in immigration…

Stemming from her own personal experiences, Vivian understands that moving to a foreign country can be a nerve-wracking decision.  But she also knows the sacrifice is worth it. “America is a great country.  You can accomplish anything in America if you are willing to work hard,” she says. Vivian loves working in immigration law because it affords her the opportunity to work closely with clients and help them through this life-changing process. She also enjoys helping clients reach their goals and is inspired by the tenacity immigrants bring to the table.    

Balancing a legal career and motherhood…

Vivian is the mother of an adorable, 6-month-old baby boy named Milo.  Initially, Vivian could not even imagine the possibility of balancing motherhood and her duties as a partner. After her maternity leave ended, Vivian sought the help of a nanny who has helped make the transition easier.  Vivian and her husband are very hands-on parents, but having a nanny allows them to keep their full-time jobs and get a bit of rest now and then!  The experience of having a nanny makes Vivian appreciate the role women play as caretakers.  “It’s a gift to find someone who you can trust and who takes really good care of your child.  They essentially become a part of your family!”

The taste of travel…

Vivian loves to try local foods when traveling.  In fact, she once visited Japan just to try a restaurant known for its world-class ramen!  Vivian’s hometown Chongqing is known for its delicious, “mouth-numbingly spicy” cuisine, and she enjoys trying dishes that pack the heat in Los Angeles!

About Vivian Zhu

Vivian Zhu is a partner at WR Immigration. Vivian’s clients include Fortune 500 corporations, entrepreneurs, investors, and individuals. Vivian also specializes in U.S. employment and business immigration cases, including immigrant and nonimmigrant visa applications for foreign entrepreneurs and investors, management personnel of international companies, and individuals.

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