ITALY: Travel Opening to Canada, Japan, and U.S. Visitors

Aug 24, 2021 | Global

Travelers from Canada, Japan, the United States, and list D countries no longer need a specific reason for entering Italy, but they must still meet requirements related to COVID-19 status.

Since May 2021, travelers from Canada, Japan, and the United States are no longer required to have a specific reason for entering Italy. This also applies to travelers from other list D countries (Australia, New Zealand, Rwanda, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Thailand). These travelers must fill in a digital Passenger Locator Form, inform the Prevention Department of the local health authority when they enter Italy, present a negative molecular or antigen swab test taken within the last 72 hours before entering Italy, and quarantine for 10 days. After the period of self-isolation, another molecular or antigenic test must be taken. Travelers can avoid the obligation of presenting the swab test and self-isolating if they have a Covid Certificate (also known as Green Pass or Covid-19 Green Certificate) issued by the local health authorities in Canada, Japan, or the United States.

For more information, the full set of rules, and exemptions, see

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