ITALY: Short-Term High-Skilled Worker Programs

February 04, 2020

Overview: Italian Immigration law provides for different kinds of work permits for highly skilled workers assigned to work temporarily in Italy. Under these options, workers do not become local employees but maintain an employment relationship with the home country employer. The issuance of these work permits is not subject to the yearly immigration quotas set by the government.

Intra-company work permit for highly specialized staff/managers on assignment: This procedure allows the foreign employee in a senior managerial or specialized knowledge role to be temporarily assigned (up to five years) to a subsidiary, branch, or an affiliate in Italy (sending and host companies should be part of the same business group or a joint-venture group).

ICT work permits: Intra-corporate transfer work permit for managers, specialists, trainees temporary seconded from a company established outside the European Union where the worker is employed since at least three months before transfer to a host entity established in Italy as part of the same group. Maximum duration is three years for managers and specialists, one year for trainees.

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