Italy: Self-Employment and Immigration: An Overview

February 08, 2021

The type and number of self-employment (Lavoro Autonomo) authorizations available to non-European Union (EU) nationals in Italy are set by a quota decree (decreto-flussi). Not all self-employment categories are available each year.

To qualify, the self-employed person must:

  • Have suitable accommodation in Italy;
  • Have financial resources exceeding the minimum level set by the law for exemption from the healthcare contribution (8,500 euros);
  • Obtain a police clearance (Nulla Osta) in Italy;
  • Have certificates, documents, or attestations as required for the type of self-employment activity to be performed. Applicants must meet the legal requirements for performance of the activity, including, when required, prerequisites for entering into professional registers.

Some categories of self-employment visas are issued outside the quota decree (e.g., translators and interpreters, university professors, lecturers, managers in an intra-company framework).


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