ITALY: Employer Sponsorship Criteria

August 18, 2020

A frequently asked question: What are the policies and procedures on employer sponsorship criteria in Italy?

To sponsor a work permit application in Italy, a company/entity must:

  • Be registered with the Italian Business Register (Registro Imprese) or equivalent (see
  • Be in good standing (many Immigration Offices require that the latest approved financials do not show a loss)
  • Provide proof of compliance with payment of taxes and social security charges
  • Provide the number of employees when requested (even though this is not specifically set forth by the law, some Immigration Offices look at the number of employees working for the company)

Among the sponsoring company’s obligations/commitments undertaken when filing a work permit application, it must specifically indicate in the application:

  • Whether it has enforced any collective dismissal for reduction of personnel during the last 12 months
  • That it does not have any workers under ordinary or extraordinary redundancies with the same skills and characteristics of the worker on assignment
  • That the foreign worker’s wage is not lower than that of a local employee hired in the same job position/level
  • Any variations in working conditions
  • That the worker is provided a suitable accommodation
  • That the expenses for the worker’s repatriation, if applicable, will be covered in full.

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