CANADA: Fast-track immigration for fracophones?

Apr 28, 2020 | Global

The Québec immigration department is closing a month-long consultation period with stakeholders on four questions intended to revamp a fast-track immigration stream leading to permanent residence in Canada for francophone foreigners living in Québec.

The topics the Québec government is consulting on are:

  1. Which eligibility criteria should the immigration department apply in their selection of workers and students intending to fast-track their permanent residence?
  2. How can immigrants be encouraged to settle outside the urban centers?
  3. Should the selection criteria prioritize experience gained in Québec, or immigrants whose profile match the labor market needs, or both?
  4. How can “overqualification” be avoided? Should graduates become eligible for fast-track permanent immigration only after 1 year of work experience, and should the work experience have been obtained in their field of study, or at a level that matches their qualification?

The Québec immigration department had been heavily criticized for having attempted to overhaul the fast-track immigration process without public consultations in the fall of 2019, and had been forced to withdraw their bill.


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