Upcoming Webinar: Critical Travel Updates for Foreign Nationals Entering the U.S.

Nov 16, 2021 | Announcements, Consular Services & Travel

Travel bans are over, but vaccine requirements have replaced them. What do travelers need to know? For a complete picture of how the changes in travel restrictions relates to you, consider attending our free zoom webinar led by Managing Partner, Bernie Wolfsdorf, and Partner Avi Friedman on Nov. 18, 2021, at noon Pacific. All are welcome to join. 

In the meanwhile, the following assets may help prepare you for the discussion:

White Paper: Making Travel Plans? Here’s the Short-Term Outlook: https://wolfsdorf.com/white-paper-making-travel-plans-heres-the-short-term-outlook/

New Article: President Biden Replaces Country-by-Country Pandemic-Related Air Travel Restrictions With Vaccine Requirement: https://wolfsdorf.com/president-biden-replaces-country-by-country-pandemic-related-air-travel-restrictions-with-vaccine-requirement/

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