Understanding USCIS Processing Times

The posted processing times on the USCIS website represent data that is approximately 45 days old at the time of posting. In addition, the listed dates reflect the most-recently filed case in the particular product line on an examiner’s desk at the time the data as gathered.

This means that there are many cases with substantially earlier receipt dates than those officially listed that have not been processed as of the date of publication of the processing times schedule. We have also learned through AILA that the National Customer Service Center (NCSC) is not using the processing times listed on the USCIS website when it considers whether a case is beyond the official processing times.

The processing times used by NCSC are substantially longer than those on the posted processing time schedule in many cases, particularly in H and L filings, causing NCSC to refuse to submit an SRMT (Service Request Management Tool) in some instances. USCIS is looking into resolving this discrepancy.

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