CONSULAR PROCESSING 2020-01-23T11:08:15-08:00

Consular processing of non-immigrant and immigrant visas at U.S. consular posts is a complex and highly specialized field of U.S. immigration law. We provide specialized consular assistance to visa applicants including:

  • Thoroughly researching post policy

  • Scheduling visa appointments and requesting expedites

  • Reviewing an applicant’s immigration history and status

  • Preparing on-line visa application forms and supporting documents

  • Conducting consular interview preparation sessions

  • Providing in-person attorney representation for visa interviews (where permitted or on the ground in-person assistance)

  • Assisting with Third Country National (TCN) visa applications at U.S. consular posts in Canada and Mexico

  • Resolving security clearance/administrative processing delays

  • Challenging denials with requests for reconsideration or new revised visa applications

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