October 2020 Visa Bulletin Released – Over 120,000 More Employment-Based Visas in FY 2021

October 2020 Visa Bulletin Released – Over 120,000 More Employment-Based Visas in FY 2021

September 25, 2020

October 1, 2020 marks the beginning of the federal fiscal year (FY21), and with it, the infusion of a new allocation of immigrant visa numbers.  This infusion typically results in some forward movement in Final Action Dates in the month of October.  This year’s Visa Bulletin is particularly unique given the slowdown of U.S. consulates issuing visas due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.  The allocation of employment-based visa numbers is expected to be unprecedentedly high.

This is because the INA requires unused family-based visa numbers from the immediate prior fiscal year to be added to the employment-based allocation (and vice versa).  In FY20, there was minimal FB number usage because of extremely limited consular processing due to the pandemic and the immigrant visa restrictions of PP 10014.  The infusion of unused family-based visa numbers has increased the FY21 employment-based allocation to at least 261,500 immigrant visas, an all-time high.    On the other hand, diminished agency processing capacity may limit the advancement of certain preference categories due to curtailed visa services at consulates abroad.

This month, we saw dramatic forward advancement in the employment-based Final Action Dates, and foreign nationals should be ready to file Form I-485 adjustment of status applications.

The Visa Bulletin further notes Visa Availability in the coming months as follows:

FAMILY-sponsored categories (potential monthly movement)

Worldwide dates:

F1:  Up to three weeks
F2A: Current – may file using Final Action Dates
F2B: Up to three weeks
F3:  Up to two weeks
F4:  Up to one week

EMPLOYMENT-based categories (potential monthly movement)

Employment First:

WORLDWIDE:   Current
China:               Rapid forward movement
India:                Rapid forward movement

Employment Second:

Worldwide:  Current
China:          Rapid forward movement
India:           Rapid forward movement

Employment Third:

Worldwide:   Current
China:           Rapid forward movement
India:            Rapid forward movement
Mexico:        Current
Philippines:  Likely to remain at the Worldwide date

Employment Third – Other Workers:

Worldwide:    Current
China:            Steady forward movement

Employment Fourth:  Current for most countries

El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras:  Steady forward movement
Mexico:  Steady forward movement

Employment Fifth:  The category will remain “Current” for most countries

China:       No forward movement
Vietnam:   Limited forward movement

For more information about filing an adjustment of status in October, please read our October Visa Bulletin Report.

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