May 2020 Visa Bulletin Analysis

May 2020 Visa Bulletin Analysis

April 28, 2020


USCIS will accept employment-based adjustment of applications from foreign nationals with a priority date that is either current “c,” or earlier than the Final Action Dates listed in Chart A of the May Visa Bulletin. The Department of State (DOS) May 2020 Visa Bulletin shows significant advancements for some employment-based categories (e.g. EB-1, EB-5) and modest gains for other (e.g. EB-2, EB-3).


  • Advancing from last month’s June 1, 2019 cut-off, the EB-1 category is now current for “all other categories” as well as El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, the Philippines, and Vietnam. The advancement is likely due to the suspension of visa services at U.S. Embassies and Consulates abroad. The closure of the U.S. Embassies and Consulates due to the covid-19 pandemic has increased the number of visas available for those filing adjustment of status applications with USCIS because consular visa processing has come to a halt. Coupled with President Trump’s newest executive order suspending consular processing of all immigrant visa applications, it is possible that those seeking an adjustment of status in the U.S., especially in the EB-1 category, will continue to benefit from an increased supply of immigrant visas in the future.
  • Meanwhile, the EB-2 category remains backlogged for China and India. The EB-3 category remains backlogged for all countries with only modest advancements in wait times.
  • In the EB-5 category, India enjoyed a significant nine-month jump forward to October 1, 2019. China and Vietnam pushed forward 6 and 8 weeks, respectively.
  • A temporary hold on EB-5 visa processing in Guangzhou, China will likely prevent all available numbers from being used this fiscal year, causing numbers to “fall up” to EB-1.
Employment- Based Immigrant VisasAll Chargeability
Areas Except
Those Listed
China (Mainland)El Salvador
1stCJuly 15, 2017CAug 1, 2015CCC
2ndCOct 1, 2015CJune 2, 2009CCC
3rdJan 1, 2017May 15, 2016Jan 1, 2017March 1, 2019Jan 1, 2017Jan 1, 2017Jan 1, 2017
Other WorkersJan 1, 2017July 15, 2008Jan 1, 2017March 1, 2009Jan 1, 2017Jan 1, 2017Jan 1, 2017
4th CCAug 15, 2016CMay 1, 2018CC
Certain Religious WorkersCCAug 15, 2016CMay 1, 2018CC
EB-5 Non Regional CentersC July 1, 2015COct 1, 2019CCApril 1, 2017
EB-5 Regional CentersC July 1, 2015COct1, 2019CCApril 1, 2017


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