RUSSIA: Agreement with the Republic of Tajikistan Regarding Organized Recruitment

February 17, 2020

Summary of the Issue: An agreement with the Republic of Tajikistan regarding organized recruitment of Tajik citizens for temporary work in Russia has been ratified. Federal law has ratified an agreement between the governments of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tajikistan regarding organized recruitment of Tajik citizens for temporary work in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The agreement emphasizes the priority of collective employment of Tajik citizens in Russia, although the agreement does not prohibit Tajik citizens from searching for employment individually. Practically, this means that a Tajik citizen who would like to work in Russia will file an application with the responsible government agency in Tajikistan. This agency will:

  • Review the application;
  • Inform about open vacancies in Russia;
  • Discuss candidates for employment with the employer in Russia;
  • Help with preparation for exams: Russian language, history, basics of legal knowledge;
  • Conduct medical tests;
  • Review candidates’ criminal history;
  • Discuss the text of the labor agreement with the employer; and
  • Organize transport to Russia and back .Additionally, the responsible agency in Tajikistan will sign agreements with employers in Russia for the collective supply of candidates for open vacancies.

The Russian Labour Ministry will be responsible for maintaining a computer database with all information on open vacancies, and for vetting prospective employers. The international agreement in question confirms the need for Tajik citizens to apply for work permits to work in Russia. It also confirms that such a work permit can be extended for its term without the need for the foreign national to leave Russia. It also does not state any limits on extensions. Currently Tajik citizens work in Russia on the basis of either (1) patents for which they apply individually and which can be extended only once or (2) highly qualified specialist (HQS) work permits (application is filed by the employer). If a Tajik citizen is the holder of an extended patent, he or she must leave Russia and re-enter again in order to apply for the patent anew.

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