WRapid System Software Trainer, WRapid Data-Integrity Administrator and Immigration Case Processing Trainer 2019-04-10T23:48:07-08:00
WRapid System Software Trainer, WRapid Data-Integrity Administrator and Immigration Case Processing Trainer

Sought by Wolfsdorf Rosenthal, LLP in Santa Monica, CA 

SUMMARY:  Develops and maintains the training program for the specified Immigration Management System (IMS) software at Wolfsdorf Rosenthal LLP known as “WRapid,” oversees data integrity in WRapid and develops and maintains the training program for immigration case processing of legal assistants and paralegals.

SOFTWARE:  WRapid is a centralized, cloud-based portal that increases immigration case processing efficiencies and delivers real-time case status, customized reports, and the latest immigration guidelines directly to WR’s clients. It also features numerous client-focused tools – such as digital questionnaires and online payment options to facilitate a streamlined approach to case management.

DUTIES AND ESSENTIAL JOB RESPONSIBILITIES:  The following are the duties performed by employees in this classification. However, employees may perform other related duties at an equivalent level. Not all duties listed are necessarily performed by each individual in the classification.

  1. Trainer must be able to effectively explain the technical complexities of software and specificities of immigration case processing of various petitions based on role of trainee. (The trainer’s audience may include people with a wide range of computer skills and educational levels. The audience may also vary in size from just a few people in a private setting to an entire roomful of people in a professional seminar. Trainers must be able to structure their presentations to fit the circumstances. The trainer must also be able to measure how well the trainees are absorbing the material and to adjust the presentation accordingly.)
  2. Develops and collaborates role-based training content using a variety of software programs, tools, and applications (Microsoft Office Suite programs, video conferencing, etc.).
  3. Designs, develops and maintains instructional materials (such as video presentations).
  4. Assists WRapid Data Project Managers to maintains policy and procedure documentation.
  5. Evaluates and incorporates feedback from others into existing training and training administration procedures.
  6. Assists with building and testing of training environments and provides support and troubleshoots issues.
  7. Prepares training lessons, printing materials, and setting up training room/environment prior to training session.
  8. Develops, collaborates and designs weekly training, continuing education and informational webinars for internal staff on software and/or immigration case processing.
  9. Follows up with trainees outside of training to offer additional support.
  10. Serve as an expert educator to internal staff.
  11. Trains additional trainers as needed.
  12. Maintains and assures accuracy and consistency of manually entered data in WRapid over its entire life-cycle.
  13. Monitors data entry and updates and implements actions to perform data entry corrections as necessary to ensure accuracy of the integrated WRapid data.
  14. Contributes to teams’ effort to accomplish integrity of manually added data.


  • Self-motivated, detail oriented, committed, organized and confident.
  • Ability to adhere to internal procedures and guidelines.
  • B.S. in a technical field or BS/BA in Engineering, Science, Education, Instructional Design or a related field.
  • Five to ten years of immigration case processing experience.
  • Three-plus years of experience in technical training.
  • Strong background with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  • Demonstrated ability to collect and analyze source data for the purpose of developing curricula and course materials.
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal, in order to successfully contribute in a dynamic team environment.


  • You have a deep understanding of user features and can easily demonstrate these features with minimal preparation.
  • You are a resourceful and active learner and continually demonstrate that ability and drive.
  • You are able to provide the end-user perspective for new software features being designed.

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