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Sought by Wolfsdorf Rosenthal, LLP in Santa Monica, CA 


30% work hours: Conduct quantitative data analysis using advanced mathematical, econometrics, statistical techniques to create reports on derivative and asset valuations, risk management indications, and financial analysis of EB-5 projects. Collect data on EB5 project portfolio. Analyze data using advanced mathematical and/or statistical techniques to provide financial and market analysis and investment performance details such as return on investment (ROI), debt to equity ratio, budget, income, and expenses, etc. Identify and evaluate potential EB5 projects. Perform due diligence in analyzing potential factors affecting success such as potential risk, capital requirement, and potential return, etc. Define and calculate key performance metrics such as rate of return on investment to monitor financial performance and any substantial financial changes. Interpret financial data affecting investment programs – including price, yield, stability, future trends in investment risks and economic influences – and use this information to prepare periodic industry analyses and reports. Compile and analyze data relating to the financial and legal aspects of the government’s EB-5 investment program, including the areas of job-creation, high-employment areas/targeted area of employment, capitalization and fund origination in compliance with the EB-5 statutory requirements. 17% work hours: Evaluate financial documents, including financial statements, loan documentation, bank records, and tax returns, and draft memoranda or report based on these documents in order to ensure financial compliance, and establish lawful source of funds of investor clients. 15% work hours: Monitor economic performance of currently approved Regional Centers and their EB-5 projects, including reviewing their financial reports, comprehensive business plans, private placement memoranda (PPM) and other agreements in order to provide clients with economic information to assist in their due diligence. 10% work hours: Research foreign exchange systems, particularly the Chinese approval system to ensure compliance with EB-5 requirements. 16% work hours: Draft and prepare memoranda detailing investor’s source of funds (SOF) qualifications, including assessing the investor’s financial resources that meet escrow/bank requirements. 7% work hours: Assist senior supervisors in drafting response support letter to Request for Evidence (RFE) with particular focus on issues concerning the EB-5 project and/or the investor’s Source of Funds.  5% work hours: Track the movement of investment funds from investor’s accounts to project Escrow Account, and from Escrow Account to project operating account, throughout the life cycle of the EB-5 project.


Master’s degree or equivalent in Economics, Business Administration, Public Administration or related field, plus one (1) year of experience as a finance intern, legal intern, legal coordinator or related occupation, including experience in assisting in research of legal, economic and financial issues; implementing client in-take and client questionnaires; and, reviewing and organizing client information and documentation.

Send resume to: Kelly Giffen, Wolfsdorf Rosenthal, LLP, 1416 2nd Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401