Wolfsdorf Rosenthal LLP Releases WRapid — Transforming Business Immigration and Global Relocation

July 24, 2018

We are pleased to announce the launch of of WRapid, a new, “best-in-class” cutting-edge Immigration Management System (IMS) created by Wolfsdorf Rosenthal to revolutionize visa processing for our clients’ immigration needs.

“WRapid is an innovative, state of the art client portal which makes immigration processing faster, easier and more efficient for our corporate and individual clients,” said Bernard Wolfsdorf, managing partner of WR Global Immigration.

What is WRapid?

WRapid is a centralized, cloud-based portal that increases case processing efficiencies and delivers real-time case status, customized reports, and the latest immigration guidelines directly to our clients. It also features numerous client-focused tools – such as digital questionnaires and online payment options to facilitate a streamlined approach to case management. To learn more, visit www.wolfsdorf.com.

Who should use WRapid?

WRapid is designed for use by our corporate, educational and research institutes as well as individual clients. Human resources professionals, in-house counsel and foreign nationals will see dramatic savings in time and efficiency with this new and dynamic online portal.

How does WRapid work?

WRapid’s intuitive and user-friendly interface seamlessly navigates users through the immigration process.

  • Progress indicators clearly guide users through electronic questionnaires;
  • The secure document upload feature delivers documents directly to WR’s legal professionals;
  • The case summary tool keeps all informed about the case status, visa expiration dates and documents receipt of government notices;
  • The intelligent user interface design effortlessly transfers information from one case to the next to expedite the immigration process; and
  • Corporate reports allow human resources professionals to view active cases at a glance.

What are the advantages of WRapid?

  • Security – WRapid incorporates industry leading data protection technology that creates a secure collaborative environment to exchange confidential information and documents.
  • Efficiency – WRapid’s centralized, cloud-based portal massively improves efficiencies resulting in time savings.
  • Speed and Accuracy – WRapid’s fast and efficient system facilitates high volume low cost visa processing.
  • Transparency – Clients directly and easily monitor progress of their case through WRapid without emails or phone calls.

“WR Global Immigration has proudly represented companies, universities, research institutions and families for over 30 years. The recent development of WRapid represent a new era with the introduction of 21st century technology that revolutionizes the way we provide fast, accurate and efficient visa services to our clients,” said Wolfsdorf.

We invite you to join us as your trusted partners in immigration.

Read WRAPID Press Release Here

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WR is a world leader in global mobility using WRapid, the firm’s immigration management system Powered by Salesforce, to facilitate the movement of talent worldwide.

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