DHS Posts Final USCIS Fee Rule

DHS Posts Final USCIS Fee Rule

July 31, 2020


The DHS recently posted for public inspection the final USCIS fee rule, which will effectuate a new fee schedule for petitions and applications filed with USCIS (see page 13 for tables).  The most remarkable changes are outlined below:

  • Form I-140 filing fee decreases from $700 to $555 (-21%).
  • Form I-129 H-1 filing fee increases from $460 to $555 (+21%).
  • Form I-129E & TN increases from $460 to $695 (+51%)
  • Form I-129L increases from $460 to $805 (+75%).
  • Form I-129O increases from $460 to $705 (+53%).
  • Form N-400 (Naturalization) increases from $640 to $1160/$1170 (+~81%)
  • I-485 filing fee for children below 14 increases from $750 to $1030.

The new fee schedule will be published officially in the Federal Register on Monday, August 3rd and will take effect 60 days later on October 2, 2020.

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