5 Fears Arising From the Latest Foreign Affairs Manual Updates by Department of State

Posted: Aug 14, 2017

Here are 5 fears arising from the DOS’ recent updates in the FAM:

Five Reasons Why Tom Cotton’s Bill That President Trump Supports is Bad Policy

Posted: Aug 8, 2017

Here are 5 reasons why the RAISE Act is bad policy:

5 Reasons Indian Citizens Should Consider EB-5

Posted: Aug 7, 2017

By: Robert J. Blanco, Esq. Many Indian citizens with the goal of relocating to the U.S. are faced with procedural hurdles that increase the difficultly of living and working in the U.S.  Students applying for H-1B visas are subject to an H-1B lottery with poor odds, forcing them to return home at the end of […]

The RAISE Act: A Big Lie?

Posted: Aug 2, 2017

The RAISE Act would slash legal immigration into the U.S. by over 40% in its first year, and by 50% in its tenth year, but is it based on facts?

California Court of Appeal Rules Form I-864, Affidavit of Support Creates Enforceable Contract Between Sponsor and Immigrant

Posted: Aug 1, 2017

It is critical that U.S. sponsors or immigrants speak with experienced U.S. immigration counsel about this important issue before signing any divorce documents.

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